Are you looking for a specialist tree nursery and boxwood cutting supplier? A supplier that can provide you with advice and deliver a cutting that is optimally robust? Get to know Wilbert Stek. Quality means everything to us. Not routine, but thinking from your perspective, daring and doing. We mainly produce to order, however, we also have batches in stock and we can supply various varieties throughout the year.

Customer oriented

Our culture is informal, professional and highly customer oriented. For Wilbert Stek, every customer is unique. Therefore, we are pleased to think from your perspective when it comes to your wishes regarding advice, a custom product and price. Result, reliability and punctuality are our trump cards. Both large and small (inter)national customers have already experienced our unique working method. Take a look around; we will be pleased to answer any questions you have.

What do we do

Wilbert Stek does not necessarily want to be the biggest, but certainly the best. Therefore, we produce our cuttings from a large number of specially propagated, quality parent plants.


By providing the right nutrition and crop protection, we produce strong, reliable rooted cuttings that are guaranteed to continue to root and grow easily. These rooted cuttings are on average ten months old.


The focus of a large proportion of our product range is Buxus sempervirens of which we have a large stock (deeplink) on our 2.3 hectare farm. Of course, in consultation it is always possible to supply other varieties.

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