Not necessarily the biggest, but certainly the best. This is the view of Wilbert van Luenen, owner and founder of Wilbert Stek.


He started growing Amaryllis bulbs and bedding plants, but at a certain moment he made the decision to only supply boxwood cuttings. A great decision, because after starting in 2005 with seven thousand square metres, the company expanded in 2010, 2012 and 2013. Sometimes daring, sometimes visionary and a little self-willed, but always out of the deep-rooted conviction that pure quality counts.


This vision has brought the specialist cutting company to where it is now: over 2.3 hectares of land and a loyal and growing (inter)national customer base. We create what the customer demands, because Wilbert Stek mainly supplies cuttings to order. It is not for nothing that the company's motto is: ‘Our quality is our future’.

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