Owner and organisation

It is important to allow the employees and the company to improve the operation in the professional and social respect. Collaboration allows you to truly  rogress. Therefore, we value talents, qualities and development opportunities. The result? Power, passion and inspiration. And that makes the company profitable, relevant and effective.


It is very important to care well for the products. I therefore ensure that everything stays in good condition, from the unrooted cuttings to cuttings that are ready for delivery by giving them nutrients, water, crop protection and a little love.

Administration and photography

In addition to organising the administration, I arrange the photography at Wilbert Stek, for the website, the flyers and the product range.


As supervisor I coach and supervise the permanent employees, the disabled people who work here and the Saturday staff. I tell them what needs to be done during a day and ensure that it is done effectively. Scanning the trolleys, wetting new cuttings and readying orders for the customer are some of my activities in the greenhouse.

Crop assistant

In addition to arranging the customer orders, I assist where necessary. This assistance varies from completing trays to pruning. I am also the point of contact for Polish customers, which allows them to communicate in their own language.

Crop assistant

Before the trays go to the customer, they have to be complete. One of my tasks is to ensure that this is actually the case. I also make sure that everything is pruned.

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